Timeless War Overview

Timeless War is an Action-RPG-Strategy game, an unique mix of Action-RPG and Real-Time-Strategy to form a new game genre. You have the choice: you can play your character, the Commander, like in a 3rd-person Action-RPG, level up your protagonist, unlock skills of great power and defeat your opponent on various battle fields and arenas or build up your base, collect resources, recruit armies and crush your enemies in tactical challenging matches or play both ways as you see fit!

The game plays in a near future where three factions of great power fight for the fate of earth and their inhabitants. The stars of the game are the three races – Asen, Pandoras, Diploducas – and their Commanders. You start with a Command Center, Commandship or your Commander. From that point, depending on the selected gamemode, you are able to build up your base, recruit an army, craft or collect items to increase the strength of your units or crippling your enemy with unlocked player powers and super weapons, while it is also possible to play a specific role in team fights.

You are the Commander!

The Commander is a character with unique bonus to various areas of the gameplay (like cheaper tanks, stronger infantry, better economy, leveling up faster ect). Commanders are also the only units that level up with you during a match. While climbing up in rank, you gain perk points to unlock attribute boosts, skills for your character or player powers to suite your combat style! By activating the “Commander-mode” you can control your character with WASD-keys from a third-person-perspective like in many Action-Role-Play games which also opens you a whole new way to conquer your opponent! Your Commander can be revived as long as you have a Command Center or Spawn-Station.


You decide how to play it

Timeless War is designed to be playable as Action RPG without any RTS component or RTS without any Action RPG or you can play it as both. All those ways have their own benefits and you will learn them really easy. The hard thing comes with perfecting your prefered gameplay style. In Skirmish you have 3 ways to win: Annihilate all important enemy objects, control enough area or unlock an Apocalpyse Power to set a deadline for your opponents! Or prove your skill in Arena based matches against other players or the AI to claim victory.


Helping Hand

The twist comes with an unique optional feature that exists in no other game: You have an Artificial Intelligence Assistance (AIA) that can be enabled during battle to assist you on the battlefield. AIA can completely run a battle without your interaction, but it does not control your Commander. In other words, if you only like to play your Commander on the battlefield, but don’t want to miss some backup forces, or you are not a good RTS player at all, you can even the playing-field thanks to AIA. By using the chat or beacons, your AIA recieves orders do carry out.