Showcase – Tree of Life, Harvester, Beacon Porter

I wanted to publish a showcase for the Tree of Life and the Harvesters sooner, but I kinda strayed off to the character creation system and greatly improving the Asen language. But, to make up for that, I included the Beacon Porter to this Update. 😛

Showcase - Tree of Life & Harvester Showcase - Tree of Life & Harvester Showcase - Tree of Life & Harvester

The “Tree of Life” was named by its technologies inventor Erebos, the oldest of the five Gorgons of the Asgardian government, around 77,000 of years ago. And ever since its technology has only changed slightly if at all. Back then its primary purpose was to terraform Asgards twin-planet Hildesheim which pretty much was a dead world like Earth before the first life forms originated or before Odin placed the first plants on Asgard. Later it was also used to terraform the four moons that circle around the twin-planet system.
Nowadays it is still used for Commanders to terraform the battlefield to their advantage, but its primary purpose shifted towards processing resources and even serves as a small farm for Sudamis. Additionally the “Tree of Life” allows you to train (Beacon-)Porters which can be used to place a new Bifröst, Tunnel Network or Silo on the map.

The job of the Harvester is almost exclusively done by Zentaurjas (I worked on the Asen language) or Centaurs in our language because this Asen-race is genetically engineered to do the hard work of gathering resources and carrying them back to the “Tree of Life”. Unlike the “Ore Purifier” of the Pandoras or the “Mobile Resource Platform” of the CFA, the Harvester is rather squishy and doesn’t live long in a combat and the amount of resources they can carry is not that much as well. To compensate for that Harvesters can be really fast and they usually operate in larger numbers on a low cost which makes a loss much less painful.

Showcase - Tree of Life & Harvester Showcase - Tree of Life & Harvester Showcase - Tree of Life & Harvester

The Bifröst is an Asen technology which allows you to travel not only between dimensions, but also trillions of light years in minutes or even seconds. BTW: distance from Asgard to Earth is ~700 billion light years and one dimensional jump. But for this technology to work with high accuracy the Bifröst needs something called a Beacon to lock on: and thats what the Beacon Porters are needed for.

Beacon Porters, like Harvesters, are also almost exclusively Centaurs due to the heavy card they are carrying around. In that cart are some supplies, but most importantly the Beacon and a proper energy source (the huge crystal).
From the gameplay perspective these units work like the Dozers in Command & Conquer Generals Рthough I am currently not sure if they should be one-use or multi-use. Once a Commander gives the Porter the order, this unit will move to its destination and place a Beacon so the Bifr̦st can transport the ordered structure from Asgard to the battlefield.

Showcase - Beacon Porter Showcase - Beacon Porter