Showcase – Asen Barracks

Asen Barracks are small living quarters with a training ground for human-sized Asen-Races such as Nagas and Valkyrjas where they learn or practive fighting techniques either by practices fights or through an instructor, eat there Sudamis or just slack around a bit. Sometimes even a curious Dragotaurj comes by to settle down and eat some of the pumpkin like fruits while watching.

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Welcome to Hell – New Gamemode, new Map

The last update was about 2 weeks ago, but I was not lazy during that time. Among new units I wanted to introduce to the game there will be a new gamemode with a new map as well – a Volcano map for one player playing against waves of AI. The upcoming changes also incluse an update to the XML files which will be handy for modders to create their own gamemodes. Build 1.4.2 will be released on Halloween. 😉

Welcome to Hell - new Gamemode, new Map Welcome to Hell - new Gamemode, new Map Continue reading “Welcome to Hell – New Gamemode, new Map”

Dev-Blog #8 – Hide ‘n Seek & Shield Effects

Welcom back guys,
About one month has passed since the preview post I made on the 8th of May – and I am really sorry for all delays. Now the big update I announced back then is finally online – and comes with awesome new features! In this article I want to show you the newly added Main Menu system and the Skirmish menu – which finally works so far -, the AI assistance called AIA, Shield Effects as well as introducing the Pandora Forces support unit to the game and, most importantly, new gameplay mechanics provided by the cloaking system. Continue reading “Dev-Blog #8 – Hide ‘n Seek & Shield Effects”