Version: Pre-Alpha 1.4
Updated: 2016-09-17


System Requirements:
* CPU: 2.2 Ghz
* RAM: 2 GB
* Graphics Card: GForce GTX 550 Ti or similar
* DirectX 11

Recommended System:
* CPU: 3 Ghz
* RAM: 4 GB
* Graphics Card: GForce GTX 750 Ti or similar
* DirectX 11


This is the Pre-Alpha of Timeless War. Please note:

* This is a demo build which represents the game in an early state of development! It is NOT the final game by any means. So please do not expect it to be free of bugs. I try to fix as many bugs as possible, but it will take time.

* You can now win against the AI, but only by destroying all main structures. Other victory types are not yet implemented.

* There are placeholders placed on the map. These will be replaced with the real objects later.

* Messing with the .xml files at your own risk. If something goes wrong delete the game and re-install it.

* This game is a PC only application. If it does not run on your PC, please wait until it has less bugs and compability issues.

* It may not run smoothly on Low-End-Systems. Compute Shading and Multithreading are already implemented, but not used to their full extend since I have not much experience on this techniques.

* Please report any bugs you find in the comment section or in our forum under the following Link: