New Commander UI – Concept WIP

The past months I was heavily reworking the whole game concept. Yes, the game will still be an RTS-Action-RPG hybrid game, but instead of mimiking parts of C&C, I decided to create a game that you have never seen before. (NOTE: Everything is WIP!)
Holointerface Concept - the new UI in a nutshell RTS in First Person Mode - New UI System WIP

Lets leave the estetics aside for a moment, because I know the current screenshots look like shit. What I do want to show you however is how the new UI works in Third-Person and now even in First-Person(!). The Commander UI will be a immersified as windows of a holo-interface surrounding you. Each window has its own functionality: e.g. their is a window displaying your current inventory, another shows a strategic map, another the game menu from which you can control your games settings ect. But the most exciting window in my opinion is the RTS-Interface in which you can play the game like an RTS while you are in Commander mode. You can still change back into full RTS mode like you are used to in a real RTS game and control everything from there, but if you are roleplaying in Commander mode and want to give some quick commands or just want to play the game immersively or for whatever reason, this is for you!

Tit-Bonus? - Screenshot in First-Person