Quick Update – March ’18

For quite some time now I’ve been working on the new concept of Timeless War. Pathfinding and the new coordinates system are workling amazingly, Physics is figured out and will be integrated soon after I complete the current main feature: the Yggdrasil System.

Quick Update - March '18

I don’t want to spoil too much about this feature, but you can think of it as a 3D-Map in which you are able to view the entire solar system you are currently in and zoom down to see even single units on planet surfaces. You will be able to command fleets around, scan for anomalies and much more. I also developed FTL mechanics so space ships can travel around with incredible speed.

I will provide further details once I completed my procedural planet-tech which lets you travel to life-sized planets, moons and other stellar objects without any kind of loading screen. Also I want the FTL travel to have an awesome effect that blasts you out of your shoes – in a good way. 🙂 Chris Roberts will be jealous. xD

Until then, I may post a small update like this one now and then. Just to let you know, that the game is by far not dead.