Small Progress Update 08/2017

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of Updates during the past few months. I was busy working on a suitable pathfinding solution for Timeless War. There will be a big dev blog
about the games pathfinding system, how it works and I want to demonstrate how the game handles space ships. At the moment I am creating an Interior-System for space ships, buildings and anything that is large enough to be walkable inside. This also involves a custom Physics-Engine, extensions to the pathfinding system and my other changes. After that, I want to program a powerful shader that allows Unity to render Objects of any size while using as few drawcalls as possible thus having huge benefits regarding performance.

All this will most likely take couple of months – after all, I am sort of rewriting Unity to suit my needs – so don’t expect the Dev-Blog being published any time soon. But it will be worth it. 😉
Thank you for your patience and have a good weekend!